A little ‘before and after’ story now. In my role as a freelance software developer, I was approached by a (soon to be) Client who had contracted offshore web development services – only to end up paying about $6k for an unusable website…

The Client approached me with the shortest brief I’ve ever got: “Please fix it.”

Challenge accepted, I took the job. And now to keep this short, some screenshots will paint a thousand words. These show the before of the site as it was presented to me by the Client – and the after, as it appears now after full redevelopment:

Homepage before:

Homepage now:

Inner page before:

Inner page now:

The previous developers (yes, plural) used nodeJS for the backend and Angular for the frontend.

The site was plagued with bugs and other critical issues such as:

  • Everyone had admin privileges – any user was able to delete or manage other users
  • Not logged in users were able to see and interact with logged in users only pages
  • Instead of picture, you could upload any type of files… (javascript, html etc)

Another huge issue arose when the previous developers wouldn’t share the source codes. So, I decided to rebuild the entire website from scratch.

I used Vuejs (+ Vuex) for the front-end, PHP and MySQL for the back-end.

When the website reaches a certain number of active users, I’ll also make the website mobile friendly and use WebSocket for the realtime chat instead of PHP.

I admit, there are still a few things missing on the website – but I did only got the brief 1 week ago.

For the live website, go to

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