Common seo mistakes (part 1)

Common seo mistakes (part 1)

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In today’s lesson (part 1), we will describe some of the SEO errors that qwerqer are done by webmasters by thinking that they were correct.

Wrong Site Title Selection
One of the most common mistakes is the wrong keyword selection. When selecting a keyword, you should ensure that it is relevant to the website and the website should centre upon that word. Once the correct keyword is found, it must be backlinked. By this way, higher ranks can be achieved.

Choosing Wrong Site Title
Another important point to consider is the site title. Some webmasters leave the tag of their site blank. This is bad for SEO. tags must be filled to be shown on the search results.

JavaScript Menus
JavaScript menus are not read and indexed by search engines like GoogleBot. Thus, your site pages won’t appear in searches as it is not indexed. Therefore, when using the JavaScript menu, the page links in the menu should be specified in the sitemap file. By this way, search engine bots will see and index your pages from the sitemap file.

Insufficient Site Update and Maintenance
Not taking care of your website reduces your ranking in search engines. If your website is a blog or a forum, it is necessary to keep it updated by writing several articles every day. Search engines like Google puts your website to a higher rank when you update it regularly. You should also frequently check your website for errors and bugs.

Adding Too Many Meta Tags
Adding a large number of meta tags to the website for it to appear in more search results is a misconception. By doing that, you make Google think that your website Spamming and it needs to be put into the SandBox. You just need to add the meta tags which are relevant to the site.

Image Usage in Titles
This is one of the most common mistakes made by users who care about the design of their websites. Adding pictures to the title section of articles or pages are not visible to search engine bots. It is better to add title=”Title” or changing pictures with <h1>Title</h1> tags.

Backlink Spamming

Website owners who wish to be ranked higher in the search results usually start backlinking. Recently opened websites who resort to excessive backlinking method may end up in the SandBox. Backlinking should be done from websites with similar content. Indexing should be applied with original texts and some time should pass before doing backlinking again.

Lack of Keyword in Contents

The content of your website should not have excessive number of keywords. Having too many keywords indicates that you are spamming. But, having too little keywords also mean that your website will not be ranked on search engines. So, you should add enough keywords which are relevant to the content. For instance, if your title is “How to Install vBulletin?”, your keywords should be “installing vbulletin, install vbulletin, how to vbulletin”.

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