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SEO Christchurch service helps you to get more customers from Christchurch. Invest in SEO Christchurch services that generate real leads and real conversions.

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Bring the right traffic your website that generate more leads and conversions. There is no point in sending traffic to your website if it's the wrong traffic. SEO Christchurch services helps your website climb the Google and Bing rankings naturally and beat your competitors online.

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What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It is one of the most important fields in digital marketing field. Learning efficiently the ranking criteria of Google and other search engines who aim for producing the most relevant, correct and explanatory results for the queries made by users, thus enabling to create the process of the necessary optimizations for these is called SEO.

seo techniques

What do I offer?

I offer the right strategy to rank your website better on search engines so you can have right quality traffic for your website from Google and Bing.


My SEO Process

I believe that each business' priorities and needs are different, I cannot talk about a uniform SEO analysis process. If you want to explore how standard flow should be, you can take a look at the flow used in the SEO analysis process:

  • The market research
    In addition to the status of the existing site, I examine the organic competitors in the sector and the competitors on the offline side. I also explore the potentials by studying the sites abroad that I can accept as models.
  • Cost Analysis and Proposal
    In the light of the information gathered during the analyzes and meetings, I determine the average time to be allocated and determine a price depending on the consultant / hour. Since the whole team will contribute to the project on the consultancy side, unless there is an exceptional situation, I use a system that enables us to foresee which type of consultant will be included at what level and I share this with you in a transparent manner. Apart from this, I can list the other factors that affect the cost as the number of pages in the site, keywords and competition in the relevant market.
  • Determination of Target Audience
    I look at your target audience’s queries and determine their expectations from you. Understanding the needs of your target audience is one of the most important aspects of the strategy. Based on this, I determine the types of topics and content that will be used in your content strategy.
  • Traffic Prediction
    Instead of a false approach like “1st ranking guarantee on words X, Y, Z in 1 month”, after I perform a comprehensive keyword analysis using different tools, I categorize these keywords and I create forecast reports in which I measure the amount of potential traffic that can be achieved for different time periods and scenarios when targeting the relevant keywords. As the projected success is influenced by many different parameters such as the support of the IT team in the technical processes, the preparation of the proposed contents in time, I try to create a realistic projection by evaluating them over the probabilities of realization.
  • Onboarding
    I do meeting plants with my client with whom I have started to cooperate, and I prepare an onboarding report after the first meeting in which I understand my customer’s needs and wishes.
  • Competitor Analysis
    Following the identification of competitors in the sector, I determine the deficiencies of these organic competitors and the points they perform well, then I shape my strategy accordingly.
  • Technical SEO Study
    By scanning the website with various tools, I determine the areas which are missing or defective in the technical side, and by making search engine optimization, I aim to get maximum efficiency from the technical side of the site. I do innovative optimization operations by following new technologies and Google updates.
  • Content Strategy
    I review the content of the website so that it will be successful in terms of SEO, and determine my strategy based on keyword analysis, content performance in search results, and deficiencies.
  • Content Production
    I provide content creation support so that the category, product and service contents fit to SEO optimization, and share title and description suggestions in detail in order to get the maximum benefit from CTR optimizations.
  • Link Acquisition Strategy
    I produce different ideas and share them with my customers in order for the website to obtain organic links. I combine the types of content which obtain links like infographic and video content with interesting subject suggestions.
  • Investigation of Link Profile
    By examining the backlink profile of the website, I aim to have a healthy and organic structure. I monitor the backlinks to the site with regular malicious link analysis, and share the links that need to be disavowed with my customers.
  • SEO Visibility Analysis
    Following the search engine optimization operations, I perform SEO visibility analyzes and examine the performance of the site in search engine results. I regularly renew my strategy by comparing these with competitors.
  • Organic Traffic Measurement
    With the help of tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, I analyze the organic traffic performance regularly with all the details and get new action plans.
  • Optimization Studies
    I am direct my optimization efforts based on the analysis of the data.

Why me?

Many of digital marketing agencies and SEO experts talk the talk, but I'm more interested in getting stuff done and focus on the work. My focus is on high performance campaigns with results you can see for yourself, boosting your bottom line and helping your business achieve success. No making up excuses, no wasting time.

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