Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the keystone of digital marketing. Critical to the success of any digital marketing strategy, an effective SEO plan is a true game-changer.

Businesses and brands who fail to consider SEO will be effectively invisible online as they won’t appear in the top hits of any search engine results. SEO really is that important!

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My 10 Steps SEO Work Plan

1) On-page SEO Analysis

Every change in a website is done manually after getting detailed reports. It is completely optimized by a process that includes 50 on-page criteria that is analysed and then improved. The optimization process includes the proper usage of meta tags, heading tags, resolving errors in JavaScript and CSS, and improving the page load time and navigability.

2) Keyword & Competition Analysis

This will involve further improvement after being analysed for monthly insights and statistics on search volume as well as analysis of the on page keyword density.

3) Keyword/Webpage Fit Analysis

It is extremely important that all keywords occur in a natural flow across the website without appearing obvious to prevent being marked as spam. I will provide you guidance and help you create pages and their process perfectly and to the point.

4) Industry & Competitor Analysis

Competition for rankings on Google and search engines do not recognize a small or large business, they recognize who has the best SEO and the content. Thus irrespective of how recognized you are, the competition is fierce among businesses rushing to the top rankings of all search. If you have a website that lags behind, then you need to compare it against other websites. I make comparisons and analyses them to find imperfections and mistakes if any. I then work out your plans those are relevant to your needs.

5) Social Media Analysis

Your social media content will be shared with thousands of users from around the world. I will spare no efforts on intelligent social media marketing techniques to generate more traffic to your brand. Social media makes it possible for generating your brand awareness among millions of users which is why this opportunity should never be missed out. I use social media insights, tracking analysis and metrics to help us create the best techniques for smart social media marketing.

6) Long-term SEO Effectiveness

Every business has its own target audience. The goals of successful SMO and SEO should be to identify this audience strongly and create more ways to widen and increase it. For this you need to provide as much quality and useful information to your users to keep them engaged and satisfied. Constant maintenance of your content and pages and interaction with your pages are important for your brand.

One mistake most businesses make is trying to copy the perfect theme and model of a website, content and layout thinking that will be beneficial for them. It may not and will make your website lag behind. Good SEO is thinking one step ahead of a competition’s perfect model, which will make you the best.

7) Full SEO Check-Up

All data is collected from previous steps and techniques to keep complete track of the 50 items on-page SEO check list required for optimum results on SEO and social media. I scour the strategies and campaigns for any missing elements and then prepares a comprehensive report outlining what else needs to be done for the process to be perfectly optimized. You will get both hard copy and soft copy results that will provide you a clear cut understanding of your performance in your particular sector. Your competitor’s activity will also be analysed and compared to yours. The SEO operations then shift after two weeks to on-page SEO and depending on the SEO services required, additional reports will be prepared. Throughout this activity, the main focus will be on competitor’s analysis to shape improved strategies for leading the SEO race.

8) Regular SEO Analysis

Your website will be prone to negative SEO attacks and elements such as negative backlinks from unscrupulous sources. I will frequently discover such elements and rectify them. I will also notify you of the activity and changes made.

9) Off-Page SEO Work

Google will always regard your website as one of high relevance as long as your back links and content is informative and constantly updated. It lets users know about you by allowing them to find you easily by ranking you higher on their list of search results. But, this isn’t an overnight phenomenon. You have to constantly keep up positive activity on your websites with good quality content and back links relevant to the information you impart to your users. Appropriate content strategies are important and so is the user experience.

10) SEO Enhancers

Here are the most important SEO enhancers that can add a lot of value to your website and SEO strategies. By using them, they can provide a huge boost to your visibility.

  • Quality news article writing
  • Publicity news article writing
  • Industry specific writing
  • Good use of keyword content
  • Micro sites addition
  • Lexicon work
  • Social media optimization
  • Video backlinks
  • Links to industry proven sources
  • Analysis of content
  • Evaluation of on page and OFF page SEO content

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