Theme optimization for seo

Theme optimization for seo

Author: emre SEO WordPress

Everything that are good for users are also favorably evaluated by search engines. Therefore, SEO applications should not miss even the smallest criteria that could benefit the visitors.

The most noticeable and useful feature of a website by users is the theme. Therefore, themes need to have a variety of features in order to meet the wishes of the users.

Features a Theme should have:

  • Be catchy (visuality)
  • Easy access feature (navigation)
  • Load fast
  • Keep the pace with Web 2.0 technologies
  • Ensure that users contribute to the website
  • Comply with W3c standards
  • Number of images used

Be catchy (visuality)

Visuality should be created in line with the content and it should reflect the content of the website. There must be an integrity between the structure of the theme template, the images used and the text. If this integrity is ensured, it means that a catchy theme has been created. A website that catches the minds of visitors will ensure that visitors will visit it again and again. We know that these visits are branding you in the eyes of Google. By taking this value into account, Google will also value the site.

Easy access feature (navigation)

Many websites are now being created with pre-prepared systems. Apart from this, the individual websites created by HTML, PHP and Asp create great confusion for visitors; because it is not possible to facilitate navigation on the website without connecting the contents. Showing every article on the main page is just confusing for the visitor. Instead, it is more useful to show the most important or the most recent content.

The website must have easy-to-navigate directions between pages. Most read articles, similar articles, recent comments and etc. can be counted as good examples. It is also useful to integrate the Breadcrumb system, which can provide answers to the question of “where am I?”. Google also pays attention to the breadcrumb and it is highly reflected on Google results as well.

Load fast

Anyone can guess the difference between a website that loads in three seconds and a website that loads in 20 seconds. A visitor would get bored of long opening sequences and would get a bad impression about the website. In fact, he/she would even leave the website without seeing the content he/she is looking for.

The faster a site, the more pages visitors will check. More users will visit and of course Google indexes will be faster and more. The Google’s circulation within your website will be faster as well.

Which things should be considered for a faster website?  25 criteria can be listed. However, we will share more about this issue in further articles to give more detail.

Keep the pace with Web 2.0 technologies

SEO always develops in the same direction with the developing internet technologies. This includes Web 2.0 and also Web 3.0 technologies that will follow Web 2.0. The social media, a phenomenon emerged within the Web 2.0, is becoming increasingly important for SEO. Therefore, sharing your content on social media is an important step in terms of SEO. For this reason, the theme must be created in such a way that the content can be shared through the social media.

Ensure that users contribute to the website

We often hear the words “social” and “antisocial” in everyday life. The more social a person is, the more people are he/she will come together with. By being social, he/she will get more prosperity in life. For this reason, we should socialize our websites. The best way of achieving this is contribution of visitors to our content. A visitor’s comment on the website or a content that he/she shares ensures the socializing of the website and enriching its content. So, appeal to more users on your website and keep them ahead.

Comply with W3c standards

In order for a theme to have same appearance in every browser and to be viewed by users without an issue, it must comply with standards called W3c.

Search engines care about web standards and favors websites that meet various security and quality certificates. It is also a requirement for fast loading of websites as browser compatibility makes it easier and faster to be read by browsers.

Number of images used

The usage of images on a website allows the visitor to better judge the website in terms of readability. However, the size of the image is one of the most critical factors that can slow down the website. While Google’s disability to see the content of the image reduces images’ contribution to SEO, indication of the bottom tag with the image content might slightly compensate it.

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