UX Optimisation

UX Optimisation

A positive User Experience (UX) is an essential component of an effective website or application. Many factors influence how satifying (or frustrating!) the experience users will have while browsing your site or app. It's critical to consider and implement elements such as fast page load times, streamlined and clear contact forms and payment gateways, and effortless site navigation, to name but a few.

An effective UX plan will help your site or app users to reach the desired targets — whether that's providing contact information, making a purchase or another business goal — and convert as easily and quickly as possible.

User Experience (UX) Goals

  1. Increasing Conversion Rates
  2. Reducing the Output Rates
  3. Increasing the Staying on the page rate
  4. Increasing the View rate

How do I reach these goals?

1) Getting to know your users


  • Demography Interaction Report
  • Time-Performance Report
  • Device Performance Report
  • Output Rate Report

2) Fixing errors on the website

Error detection and repairs

  • Basket Steps Control
  • Website Checks
  • Form Submission Checks

3) Developing all the processes in your site

On-site optimization and enhancements

  • Design and Technical Analysis
  • Website Heatmap Report

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