Which factors determine seo prices?

Which factors determine seo prices?

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Recent increase in the need for SEO makes the sector more competitive and challenging. Due to this situation, SEO prices are constantly increasing in line with the increase in competition. Many experts and firms mention different figures about SEO prices. Therefore, the customer becomes more hesitant and uncertain.

Today, we will deal about the topics to consider for right pricing of SEO and what kind of factors play a role for variability of SEO prices.

Factors Affecting SEO Price

Google results in keyword search

This criterion partially symbolizes competition in that word. However, it is not a sufficient data. Google should also look at the number of Turkish results in the overall number of results. For example, the word SEO is an international concept. Thus, total number in the general search results may not exactly reflect the competition in Turkey. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the number of results in Turkish searches.

Website’s Age

The more time the website is on the air, the more SEO work will be easier due to the esteem that Google shows to the age of this website. For this reason, doing SEO work on new websites is a factor that can increase the price.

Website’s WordPress Infrastructure

WordPress is a ready and open source system with having the highest number of features and add-ons in terms of SEO. In this way, SEO settings can be customized easily for the website. This enables websites to reach higher rankings in their sectors. WordPress weight working companies or experts consider WordPress infrastructure to be an advantage and they might reduce the price.

The Alignment of the Website at the Target Word

The fact that the website already gained some ground through partial SEO work might reduce the difficulty and process as the target is closer. For this reason, the current position of the website also affects the price.

Desired Target Position

The desired target position is the most effective criterion for determining the SEO price. For this reason, there are big changes in prices according to the target. For instance, the price difference between the first row and the first page can be huge.

Payment Method

The payment method may affect the SEO price, albeit a little. There are a variety of methods available, such as prepayment, instalment, or interim payments at certain intermediate targets.

Delivery time

The desired delivery time for the SEO work will directly affect the amount of interest to the work, thus it will also affect the price a little. For instance, setting a month deadline instead of three months will give the company earlier earnings; but it will also increase the intensity of the work and thus affect the SEO price.

Working Method

A hidden element that affects the SEO Price is the way that the individual or firm does the job. A person who does more economical works directly affects the SEO price. Likewise, a teamwork or individual work can set different prices. However, the quality of the teamwork can be distinguished from the individual work. With teamwork, you can guarantee a longer lasting SEO results.

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