Which one is harder: resigning or keeping your job?

Which one is harder: resigning or keeping your job?

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Resigning might be the right choice for your career, if it was executed on right conditions and planned in advance. At this point, it is crucial for the individual to acknowledge their career path, how to achieve career goals, and create solutions for possible problems.

It is always hard to resign.

Prior to resign, employees concern about specific situations, such as; frequently complaining about the company and employer, no improvement on prior complaints, repetitive work, losing excitement towards work, not enjoying the job, feeling disassociated, feeling pressure, no chance of advancement and promotion, mobbing, heavy workload, depression and unhappiness. Although some employees would like to switch jobs, usually they do not act on it and continue to work at same position. Even employees are in job market and have interviews, they are discouraged to make a change because of the fear of losing benefits or risking their stability. It might be harder to resign for long-term employees.

It is essential for employees to plan their years in career roadmap.

Working in a dull and disliked job might cause physical and mental issues. Because, stress may affect relationships with immediate family, colleagues, friends and partners negatively.

In addition to above all; underpayment, lack of training, skills and information for career advancement, inability to achieve success in career may cause uneasiness for person.

What would make resigning harder?

  • Thought of overachievement at job
  • Deep connection towards work
  • Thinking that employer, colleagues and company help towards career
  • Feeling of loyalty towards the company

Because of the mentioned conditions above, it might be harder for the individual to resign.

It should be noted that loyalty shall not be considered in case of a resign. Even the very best job has an expiration date. Employees may create obstacles to abstain themselves from resigning. Here are some examples for these situations:

  • Fear of the new work environment. (Is it the money or challenging work environment? It is helpful to address the source of the fear in order to overcome it risks.)
  • Inability to get out of comfort zone.
  • Being afraid of underachievement at new job.
  • Willing to keep social benefits of current job.
  • Anxiety of meeting and getting along with new colleagues.
  • Financial worries following the resign, uncertainty of finding a new job right away.

What should you consider prior to resign?

Resigning is a part of business world, if you are certain that your current job is not a good fit, you should follow the steps below:

  • Make a list of your skills,
  • Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses,
  • Improve your lacking skills for your target job,
  • Test your determination,
  • Before you make a move, decide what you want in your life, and make a plan for your next five years,
  • Have clear targets and picture your demands,
  • Believe in accomplishing your targets.

Changing jobs just for the feel of it, would cause you to get stuck in same situation. It is crucial for your personal and professional advancement to avoid routine and getting out of comfort zone. Although resigning seems like the easier path; ones, who decided to keep their job, should stop complaining and work professionally.

Is resigning the only way?

It is not suitable to resign frequently and change jobs too often. Nowadays, many employers focus on length of work while considering new employees. Therefore, resining may cause a feel of regret, if it is not planned meticulously. For that reason, sometimes it is better for employees to solve issues at work or at least giving a try to do so.

For all these reasons, the individual should have a self-awareness on their priorities, possibilities and opportunities; they should evaluate themselves objectively and have a solid career plan. If a person fails to achieve self-awareness, their career plan may not be successful.

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