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Mathilda Wordpress Theme

Mathilda Wordpress Theme I had a few hours to kill on Saturday so I decided to create a simple blog WordPress theme. It's SEO friendly and heavily CSS, I tried to use less images.I used Font-Awesome for icons, so you can easily add icons in your post. I've used parallax for the posts ... Read more »

Simple PHP commenting script

Simple PHP commenting script I had some free time today so I decided to kill it with creating something for new programmers.I created a simple template by using Bootstrap and use jQuery as a JavaScript library.We need 3 php files;index.php : where we display our comments onajax.php : wher... Read more »

Why does SEO take so long to see results?

Why does SEO take so long to see results? In this post, I'm explaining why (ethical/white hat) SEO takes so long for search engine success.In short, SEO takes so long because it is about trust. Trust has to be earned, not bought — and that takes time. Any company keen to gain (and retain!) a footho... Read more »

Want to increase your email open rate? Use preview text!

Want to increase your email open rate? Use preview text! In this post we're going to explore why compelling email preview text is a critical component of email open rate optimisation.What is email preview text?If unspecified by the email creator, preview text will default to show the first line of your email — or wo... Read more »

Key Components of a Digital Strategy

Key Components of a Digital Strategy Today, it's become significant to have an effective digital strategy for businesses – small, medium or a startup. With internet technologies gaining currency and popularity coupled with the ease of availability of high-quality communication gadgets such as ... Read more »

5 Reasons why teamwork matters in the workplace

5 Reasons why teamwork matters in the workplace The benefits of teamwork are invaluable in today's business world. When people come together, they combine their unique skills, education and experience in a collaborative manner, which gives a wider and more vibrant effect. The teams allow the company... Read more »

How can I get more done with less? Project management broken down

How can I get more done with less? Project management broken down If you're in business, you understand the importance of punctuality and deadlines. The time in which tasks are completed is important, and is the glue that keeps everything held together. Think of project management as a foundation. If the foundation ... Read more »

Google Chrome Native lazy-loading

Google Chrome Native lazy-loading It's finally here! Google Chrome support native lazy loading by adding the loading attribute to an image and an iframe!More info at is lazy-loading?"Lazy loading is a design pattern commonly used in computer program... Read more »

What is BEM methodology?

What is BEM methodology? BEM (Block, Element, Modifier) is a CSS methodology developed in 2009 by Yandex (think of them as Russia’s Google).CSS is one of the easiest programming language but very hard to maintain. Using IDs and !important in your CSS will lead to chaos in the future, ... Read more »

CSS selector and performance

CSS selector and performance Poor selector intent can affect your website's rendering time, this will result in slow load times for your website.This is critical to keep in mind as page load time is one of Google's highest ranking factors.However, this is a common error as very few of pro... Read more »

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